Riding in Style: 5 Features of a Great Car Wrap

Small girl in front of food truck with colorful vehicle wrap

Out of the millions of cars that drive on American roads every day, an eye-catching vehicle can grab any driver’s attention. When businesses use custom vehicle wraps on commercial fleets, people get exposed to the company’s branding. In order to be recognized over their competition, business owners must ask themselves:

How to Choose the Best Ceramic Coating for Your Boat

boat wrapped with ceramic coating docked on the water

Let’s be direct: You love your boat and the freedom it offers. Riding on the waves, spending lazy summer days around Elk Neck, or cruising up to Baltimore — and you want your boat to look great while doing that. So let’s talk ceramic coatings for your boat.

Upgrade Your Retail Storefront With New Designs This Summer

storefront graphics announcing sale

Summer is often the busiest time of the year for many retail shops because that’s when people are out and about after a cold winter and nippy spring. So whether you run a sports store, seasonal clothing boutique, or ice cream parlor, there are plenty of benefits to storefront and outdoor signage. In this guide, […]

Looking Back at the Hottest Car Wrapping Trends of 2020

car with metallic, color-changing vinyl wrap

If you think car wrapping is just used for advertising, you may be missing out on some of the hottest trends in car design. Car wrapping took giant leaps forward in ingenuity and creativity in 2020, with increasing numbers of car lovers using the easy, inexpensive technique to change their vehicles’ appearance. Whether you want […]

Branding 101: Everything You Need to Know About Using Vinyl Wrap for Advertisement

Brand written on chalkboard

The average American spends more than 17,600 minutes driving in a year. Notably, about 86 percent of people drive to work or commute in some way via car. These stats underscore the infinite marketing potential your business can leverage by advertising on vehicles. Many car and truck wraps are made of large, printed vinyl carefully […]

Is Wrapping a Boat Worth It?

Are you looking to advertise your business in a new, creative way? Brand recognition is important to obtain because it awards growth within your business and better opportunities in the future. For all boat owners, there’s a great solution: boat wrapping. Boat wrapping is a more sustainable way of advertising your business than the traditional […]

Vinyl Wrap vs. Vinyl Lettering

vinyl lettering on white car

If you’ve ever considered getting a full vehicle wrap in Philadelphia, PA, you’ve probably also considered the possibility of going with vinyl lettering instead. Let’s dive into the differences between these two options, so you can determine which is the best choice for your vehicle or fleet.

Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Coating

3M Preferred Graphics Installers from Full Throttle Wraps putting ceramic coating on car vinyl wrap

Having a vinyl wrap installed on your vehicle is a badass way to advertise your brand or customize the look of your ride! But is there was a way to protect your vinyl wrap and prevent it from premature aging? Enter ceramic coating for vehicles. You’ve probably noticed the recent hype surrounding ceramic coating, but […]

6 Benefits to Choosing a 3M Preferred Installer

Are you looking for reliable custom car wrap installers? While finding one shouldn’t be a problem, it is essential to review your options and choose trusted partners with a growing reputation. Fortunately, there are various ways to distinguish the pros from the rest, and having a 3M certification is the best reference. A 3M preferred […]

The 7 Dos and Don’ts of Effectively Promoting Your Brand

Helping local Philadelphia businesses and national organizations promote their brands is a big part of what we do at Full Throttle Wraps & Graphics. Although our expertise lies in vinyl wraps and custom designs, we’ve learned a thing or two about effective brand promotion over the years — we had to in order to provide […]