Riding in Style: 5 Features of a Great Car Wrap

Small girl in front of food truck with colorful vehicle wrap

Out of the millions of cars that drive on American roads every day, an eye-catching vehicle can grab any driver’s attention. When businesses use custom vehicle wraps on commercial fleets, people get exposed to the company’s branding. In order to be recognized over their competition, business owners must ask themselves:

What makes a great car wrap?

A vehicle wrap has the ability to increase brand awareness in a unique way. With high-quality features that can include clever graphic designs and different design elements, your car wraps can leave a lasting impression on your present and future customers. Take a look below to see different features that will elevate your vehicle wrap above the rest.

Easy to Understand

A vehicle wrap has only seconds to get its message across before people drive past it. For this reason, it is critical that the branding and messaging get across to the audience. The more simple and straightforward the design is, the better the chance that it leaves a long-lasting impression on other drivers. An overloaded vehicle wrap design can be hard to read or understand.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

With other businesses also using vehicle wraps as a form of advertising, it is essential to remember that you must get creative. Stand out from the crowd by doing something different that will make your fleet more memorable. Your design is a way of branding, and the results will pay off in the future when it is done well. 

Don’t forget to make sure your logo, phone number, and mission statement are clear — especially to new customers.

Staying Consistent With Your Brand Identity

A powerful identity is a necessary part of a business’s success. While different car wrap designs get people interested, consistent branding is essential for increasing brand awareness and recognition. If an individual sees the same branding repeatedly, they will be more likely to remember the company.

The Higher the Quality, the Better

An awesome design is only one part of what makes a great car wrap. The other factor to consider is the application process. 

A high-quality vinyl wrap applied by 3M certified technicians may be higher in price but it is a worthwhile investment. Professional vehicle wrapping companies have the proper tools and techniques required to provide you with a long-term solution. You’ll never have to worry about how soon your wrap will bubble and eventually peel off.

Does Your Wrap Send The Right Message?

Like a great picture, a great car wrap can speak a thousand words. Your business has the control and power to make sure that the message you want people to see is possible. With a unique wrap, this can be successfully done. 

While the wrap may be the first thing people see from your business, it may not be the last. Your wrap should embody who your company is and what you can do for your customers. If you make your wrap feel personal, your audience will feel connected to your brand, which can lead to further engagement.

As this form of marketing becomes more popular, it is important to remember that great car wraps have the potential to take your business to the next level. With the ability to reach out to so many people in a small amount of time on the road, your wrap can make a huge impact. 

Here at Full Throttle Wraps, we are ready to get you and your business prepared to ride in style. Contact us to learn more about partial or full wraps for vehicles and fleets.