Vinyl Wrap vs. Vinyl Lettering

vinyl lettering on white car

If you’ve ever considered getting a full vehicle wrap in Philadelphia, PA, you’ve probably also considered the possibility of going with vinyl lettering instead. Let’s dive into the differences between these two options, so you can determine which is the best choice for your vehicle or fleet.


Vinyl lettering and small individual decals are less expensive than vinyl wraps, which is why so many companies use them. However, price is just one factor to consider when deciding between the two.


Although both vinyl lettering and vinyl wraps are installed using the highest quality 3M products, they have different lifespans. Vinyl wraps typically last up to five years, so it’s definitely going to stay with you in the long run. Vinyl lettering, on the other hand, is still very durable but might not last as long as vinyl wrap.

Considering how long you plan to keep your vehicles or how often you want to update their look will determine how much this factor should affect your decision.


Vinyl lettering is easier to install than a vinyl wrap. Still, proper placement and avoiding bubbles can be tough regardless of how small the decals are.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to work with experienced and 3M Certified Graphics installers who will have no problem making everything look just right.

Advertising Potential

Vinyl lettering does, of course, offer some advertising potential. If your budget doesn’t allow you to invest much into your vehicles right now, then vinyl lettering might be your only option.

Like a picture, a vinyl wrap says a thousand words. When covered with a full wrap, your vehicle becomes a rolling billboard for your business, and with so much marketing real estate, the possibilities are endless. Not only that, but fleets adorned with the engaging graphics of a professionally designed wrap will make a lasting impression.

Keep in mind that partial wraps typically cover about one third to one half of a vehicle, which still allows for plenty of advertising space. Partial wraps are often the perfect compromise between vinyl lettering and a full wrap because they are relatively inexpensive yet still attract lots of attention.

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