3 Reasons to Trick Out Your Car with a Custom Wrap by Full Throttle

Are you tired of driving a car that just doesn’t match your personality? Does your car lack the curb appeal you want? Well, don’t feel bad – you’re not the only one. Just look outside, and you’ll be accosted by the boring solid colors and unremarkable assembly-line details of the cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats taking up space in parking lots and on the roads and waterways. If you are looking for a way to inject a little excitement and variety into your ride, then contact us at Full Throttle Wraps & Graphics for a partial or full-body custom wrap for your ride! 

A vehicle wrap is a quick and effective way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle with your own personal vision without having to sell your home to afford it. Interested? Of course you are! But, if you’re still having doubts, check out these compelling reasons to seriously consider wrapping your car with us! 

Surface Defense

Vinyl wraps are an awesome way to keep your car’s original paint job clean and pristine while providing additional protection against dents, scratches, and UV damage. On the flip side, a car wrap can also mask any dings and unseemly marks on your beloved ride and improve its appearance with your own images, concept graphics, and custom lettering. Our professional car wrappers are 3M preferred installers of vinyl wraps. We will give your car the look it deserves and defend it against surface damage in the process!


The great thing about vinyl car wraps and lettering is that they look bad-ass, but, unlike a brand new paint job, they are not permanent. Car wrap removal is no big thing for us at Full Throttle – all vinyl wraps can be temporary and are fully-interchangeable. If you ever get tired of a design or want to update the colors or wording, just remove the previous wrap and replace it with another one! Alternatively, if you‘re a big fan of your current wrap, keep it on for as long as you like. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? 


We now offer financing through TimePayment! You can apply for a loan right here on our tablet and get approved within minutes, with an offer provided for term and payment amount.

If you have been looking into customizing your car’s exterior and are put off by both the permanence and expense of a brand new paint job, Full Throttle wraps are your best, most cost-effective choice! Keep your car looking good and your original paint intact underneath the vinyl wrap for a fraction of the price. 

For more information about getting your car wrapped by experienced wrapping and lettering specialists, contact us at Full Throttle Wraps & Graphics today!