Vehicle Wraps in Newark, DE

Vehicle Wraps in Newark, DE

Attention-Grabbing Van Wraps for Work or Play

Vans with a Full Throttle Wrap will never get a bad rap. No longer do you have to cruise around from place to place or job to job in an efficient and useful — but intensely boring — work or personal van. Our custom van wraps will transform a bland, monochromatic necessity into a four-wheeled marketing marvel you’ll be excited to drive!

If you use your van to conduct business, it’s basically your mouthpiece, telling people everywhere what you do and how well you do it. What statement do you want to make? Our van wraps bring your logo, or any custom design you choose, to life with bold colors and clean, wrinkle-free wrapping performed by certified 3M-preferred professionals.

If your van is simply your prized possession and you want to give it a facelift, our van wraps are your ticket to the ride of your dreams. Are you considering racing stripes? Flames? Your own personal Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine? Bring it on! Our highly talented designers in Newark, DE, have the skill and experience to execute any vehicle wrapping project for vans, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, and much more.

Still asking yourself why a Full Throttle van wrap is right for you? You’re in luck. We’re full of answers!

Benefits of High-Quality Vinyl Van Wraps

Let’s not waste any time and get right to it. Calling us to install a vehicle wrap on your van is a good idea because:

  • It’s cheaper than a comparable paint job
  • It creates a more multifaceted, attention-grabbing look than a similar paint job
  • It’s not permanent, like a comparable paint job (but it can last years!)
  • It has the same smooth finish as a comparable paint job


In summary, our van wraps kick boring old paint’s butt.

Any design you can imagine for your van, our highly-qualified, 3M-preferred pros can execute it while staying within your budget. Then, if you change your mind about the design in a few months, you can remove the wrap or re-wrap. Simple as that! 

In the meantime, because we use only the best materials available on the market and install our wraps with precision, you can proudly ride around in your kickass van, turning more heads with each passing mile. Partner with us, and no one will ever look at your van the same again!

Go Full Throttle For All Your Vehicle Wrapping Needs

Full Throttle Wraps & Graphics does so much more than revamping vans. We are the go-to designers for image-conscious business owners and adventuresome auto enthusiasts throughout our region because we’re incredibly versatile and flexible.

In addition to van wraps, consider all the other fantastic vehicle-wrapping options we offer here at Full Throttle:

We love to have fun here. We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t. But underneath our edgy exterior is a strong foundation made of experience and skill. We’re certified professionals in Newark, DE, who enjoy what we do but are serious about doing it well.

We have a feeling you can relate. Let’s put our heads and shared passions together and get your project moving today!

For Brand Building That Goes Above & Beyond, Choose Our Custom Fleet Wraps in Newark, DE

Whether you own or manage a catering business, or a construction or HVAC company, you probably have a fleet of vehicles you frequently take on the road. If your vehicles look bland and don’t have your company name, logo, or graphics on them when you make deliveries, provide air conditioning repairs, or handle a new building project, then you are missing out on prime advertising space that moves with you! Permanent signage, billboards, and radio and TV ads have been working for decades, but they can get expensive, and they are not the only effective ways to advertise for your company.

At Full Throttle Wraps in Newark, DE, we offer affordable custom, high-resolution vinyl fleet wraps that can bring your company’s branding and marketing efforts to a new level! We are a certified car wrapping service and a 3M-preferred graphics installer, and we are ready to give your company fleet a new, improved, and uniform look. A revamp like this is guaranteed to turn heads and bring your brand the recognition and quality leads it deserves.

Full-Vehicle Fleet Wraps

At Full Throttle Wraps, we understand that companies have preferences when it comes to marketing themselves on their vehicles. But if you really want to grab your audience’s attention, a full-vehicle fleet wrap is just what you need. From the trunk to the hood, our full-vehicle wraps will cover your company’s cars, trucks, and boats in top-of-the-line vinyl wraps with your company’s name, logo, and graphics, as well as its products and services. When people see your vehicles, they will see your brand and grasp your culture.

For a more subtle but no less-effective marketing strategy, you can request custom vinyl fleet wraps for partial vehicle wraps. Maybe you only want windows or side doors covered. Whatever your fleet wrap preferences are, we can make it happen! Give us a call, let us know what you want, and leave it to us!

As a certified and 3M-preferred installer of high-quality vinyl wraps for business vehicles, we can give your company’s marketing endeavors a boost. Branding your company fleet is an exciting investment for your business’s future, and we look forward to being on the ride with you as your company grows. 

At Full Throttle Wraps, we offer a full line of vehicle wrapping services perfect for any business, including:

No matter what kind of company you run, whether it’s an international business or a mom-and-pop shop, your fleet of automobiles should carry your brand everywhere you go. Brand recognition has a strong basis in the repetition of patterns and colors and the frequency of brand exposure. With full- or partial-fleet wraps from Full Throttle Wraps, you will give customers additional exposure to your brand. This exposure is invaluable, helping to drive calls, increase the number of potential clients or customers, and create new business opportunities.

For more information about Full Throttle Wraps in Newark, DE, our vehicle and fleet wrapping services, or how we can help your business grow, contact us, and make an appointment with a vinyl wrapping specialist today!

Take Brand-Building to the Next Level With Truck Body Wraps & Trailer Advertising Wraps

Your work vehicle could be your most valuable asset. Are you maximizing its impact? If you’re not investing in attention-grabbing truck body wraps or trailer advertising wraps for your commercial fleet, we can answer that question for you.

Do we really have to answer that question for you?

Consider a recent survey done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which found that Americans spend a collective 70 billion hours behind the wheel on an annual basis. According to the Federal Highway Administration, an average driver in the U.S. travels 13,476 miles in one year. In that case, think of all those bored people stuck driving around or stopped in traffic where your brand-building efforts can really take effect.

Our custom truck body wraps and trailer advertising wraps will turn your run-of-the-mill nondescript work truck (or fleet of trucks) into a moving billboard/TV commercial/banner ad. One of our full truck wraps can bring your logo to life for countless potential customers, leaving them with an indelible mental image that could translate into profits.

That’s not all! We don’t just cater to professionals with our car wrapping services; any auto enthusiast who wants to spice up their ride will love our kick-ass custom vehicle wraps. To put it simply: Our specialty is helping you stand out — whoever you are, wherever you are, whether in Newark, DE, or Dover, DE. All you have to do is give us a call today to get started.

Full Truck Wraps Installed By Certified Professionals

Plenty of places can provide you with truck body wraps or trailer advertising wraps, fast and easy, but how many are certified, 3M-preferred wrap installers who really know and care about their craft?

We will answer that question for you: Very few.

As far as vinyl truck body wraps and trailer advertising wraps go, 3M is the ultimate authority. 3M manufactures the highest-quality wraps on the market, and to say we’re 3M-preferred is a pretty darned special distinction.

We use only the highest-quality materials and pay painstaking attention to detail when installing our vehicle wraps for work vans, leaving your ride looking clean and bold, like it just underwent a high-priced paint job. No wrinkles or bubbles, no peeling edges or uneven lines — just pure wrapping perfection!

If you want your truck body wrap or trailer advertising wrap done right, you want us. And here we are, waiting for your call!

Your One-Stop Shop For Kick-Ass Wraps & Graphics

From fleet wraps to boat wrap designs to motorcycle wraps to office signage and storefront graphics, extraordinary statement-making options abound here at Full Throttle Wraps & Graphics. Like you, we’re not interested in business as usual. We look to break the mold and blaze new trails in every job we do.

Whether you live or work in the Philadelphia or Baltimore areas, or anywhere from Dover, DE, to Newark, DE, your days of driving around a bland, boring vehicle are numbered once you pick up the phone and give us a call. It’s time to get excited about the future of your business, starting right now.

Kick-Ass Car Wrapping Service in Newark, DE

When you are looking to increase brand awareness for your company, the prime choices are standing signage and media exposure. But what about when you’re not in the office or paying through the nose for a radio spot?

Automotive wraps by Full Throttle Wraps in Newark, DE, are the best option for taking your company’s brand on the road with you. Our car wrap shop is made up of certified 3M graphics installers and car wrapping service technicians with over 40 years of combined graphic design and automotive wrapping experience. At Full Throttle Wraps, we use only the highest-quality lettering and vinyl graphics for cars. Our creative and practical design and application expertise will make your car or company fleet stand out in a traffic jam!

Full-Body Car Wraps

Full Throttle Wraps is the vehicle wrapping company to turn to if you need complete brand coverage for your vehicle. Our expert installers specialize in whole car vinyl wraps — from boot to hood, we make sure that your vehicle stripes, designs, words, and graphics grab the attention of anyone who passes by. No one will be looking at the car make or model. Instead, they will be intrigued and informed by the bold full-body car wrap currently advertising your company name, logo, products, and services.

In addition to the moving billboard that will be your car or fleet, you will also enjoy the protection that comes with a whole car vinyl wrap! This material may be thin, but it is tough and can protect your car from the ravages of weather and the OEM paint from most scratches.

Car Stripe Installation Services

Are you an automotive enthusiast looking to deck out your ride with racing stripes? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Full Throttle Wraps is a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company providing you with superior services at affordable prices. 

Our vinyl wrap specialists have years of experience installing car stripes on hundreds of different car makes and models. We work with you to create a unique design that you’ll be proud to show off on the hood of your car and utilize industry-leading products and equipment to ensure your new car stripes will stand the test of time. 

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today! We offer the ultimate car stripe design services with a variety of color choices and finishes.

Is a whole car wrap too extreme or bold to be on-brand? No problem! Our car wrapping services also include partial or custom car graphics designed to your preferences. Whether you’re looking for edgy vehicle stripes, personalized vinyl lettering, or even perforated wrapping for windows, the technicians at our car wrap shop will make it happen. Just let our specialists know what you want, and that’s what you’ll get!

Do you have a fleet of vehicles for your business? Bring some continuity to your rolling advertisements with wraps for your entire fleet! Just like when you were learning your ABCs, repetition is key to brand recognition and loyalty. When consumers see your colors, graphics, or striping each time they drive past a company car, they should be reminded of your business and what you offer. With fleet wraps from a reliable car wrapping service, each vehicle will be uniform and stand out against the torrent of unmarked tractor trailers and bumper stickers!

We at Full Throttle Wraps are proud to continually uphold our high standards of customer service and product excellence. Although we offer the best car wrapping services in the region, we also provide custom car graphics, vinyl wrap, and lettering for most vehicles on land and water.

Here are a few of our other automotive wrapping services:

As a certified and 3M-preferred installer of vinyl graphics for cars, we at Full Throttle Wraps are ready to power up your cars, boats, dirtbikes, and company vehicle fleets with our unbeatable car wrapping services! Get custom or whole-car wraps from the leading vehicle wrapping company in Newark, DE, today. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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