Wall & Floor Vinyl

Wall and Floor Wraps and Graphics

Looking to change up the look of your office space without painting walls? Do you need to cover up that bland dance floor with a cool and unique graphic? Well we have EXACTLY what you are looking for! Our vinyl wall wraps are an easy way to add a splash of color or logo to your reception area or office and our floor graphics can be used on just about any surface, including carpet! These short to long-term graphic solutions are also a creative way to advertise without breaking the bank!

What is a Vinyl Wall Wrap?

Vinyl wall wraps and graphics can be used in both short-term and long-term applications. They can completely transform a space without putting in a ton of time and energy into construction projects or paint. Our Jarhead® wall vinyl has a 10 year indoor durability and uses an acrylic removable adhesive for damage-free removal. This material can be used in full wall wraps, where the vinyl would cover the entire wall or area with graphics; or we can contour cut images and graphics that are then applied to a wall (similar to Fathead® graphics). Full wall wraps should be installed by our team of certified professionals but most contour cut graphics can easily be installed at home or work with little tools and experience needed.

We also have wall vinyls that can be installed on textured and rough surfaces and can be used indoors or outdoors! No need to hire a painter to create a mural on the side of a brick building, now we can install custom graphics that lasts for years or change it up every season for an impactful way to target your ideal clients! Ask our team of professionals what solution works best for your wall vinyl project!

What is a Vinyl Floor Wrap?

Our vinyl floor wraps and graphics are short to medium-term applications that can be used on a plethora of surfaces such as tile, wood, concrete and even carpet! All of our floor graphics come with a UL listed laminate with anti-slip properties. Depending on the surface, our floor vinyls have varying levels of adhesive strength and conformability. Add a splash of color to a bland tile floor or create an interactive hallway “follow me” game for kids, the possibilities are endless!

Our short-term vinyl floor graphics are ideal for stores promoting a new product or leading a customer to a location. Another popular use is a unique image or graphic for wedding and event dance floors. These products are easily removed a few hours, days or weeks later without leaving glue residue.

Medium-term graphics may be more suitable for exterior installations, such as a large brick wall mural or walkway directions in a zoo. These products are best for graphics or promotions that will be up for several weeks or months.

Other than small short-term graphics, our floor graphics will need to be installed by our certified installers using special tools and techniques.

Additional Services by Full Throttle Wraps

In addition to amazing wall and floor vinyl graphics, Full Throttle Wraps pulls out all the stops for every motorized vehicle on the market! Here are a few of the excellent car wrapping services we currently offer to our clients:


Check out our full range of vehicle wrapping services today!

Whether you need your boat’s exterior customized for private or commercial purposes, or you need to get your company’s name and logo on every car in your fleet, the Full Throttle Wraps professionals can help make your vision a reality! We are a certified 3M-preferred installer in Newark, DE, and we hold ourselves to the high standards of our valued clients. For more information about our mind-blowing graphic designs and lettering for all vehicles on land and sea, contact our professionals today!

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