Boat, ATV & Motorcycle Wraps

Custom Vinyl Wraps for Boats

Does your speedboat need a design that matches its power? Does your fishing boat’s name require unique lettering that stands out against the waves? Then the boat wrap designs from Full Throttle Wraps in Newark, DE, are just what you need to add fire to your ride! We are a certified 3M preferred installer able to apply high-quality vinyl wraps, lettering, and unique graphics to every personal and commercial watercraft.

What is a Vinyl Boat Wrap?

Just like a screen protector for your smartphone, a vinyl boat wrap is a protective layer for your boat and its paint job. If you’re willing to spend good money on a screen protector for a small piece of tech worth less than a grand, wouldn’t it make even more sense to do the same thing for your much more valuable boat? At Full Throttle Wraps, our boat wrap designs are bold and bright, and the 3M vinyl will protect your boat from exterior damage. Plus, the wraps serve an additional purpose: to advertise your business or trick out your personal watercraft.

Business and Rental Boat Wrap Designs

Never again sail or power up your commercial boat without eye-catching, high-res images and designs and/or your company name and logos ever again. If you are providing river or ocean tours or private ferry services to paying clients, make sure that they’re blown away by the boat in which they’ll travel. In the same vein, with stylish watercraft and fishing boat wraps, you can advertise your company and its products or services in style!

Personal Boat Wrap Designs

Whether you want to add some personality to your dingy, some striping to your racing boat, or a new design to your fishing boat, Full Throttle Wraps can install your custom graphic design directly onto your watercraft. Size and boat type are no problem, either! We can cut the wrap to fit any boat exterior. Other than making your boat look exciting and distinctive, our boat wrap designs are much more affordable and last much longer than new non-OEM paint jobs.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to see how our boat wrap designs can turn heads on the water!

Custom Vinyl Wraps for Motorcycles in Newark, DE

As the old saying goes, why fit in when you were born to be wild? Well, maybe we took a little bit of artistic license there, but the point is, you’re not driving a motorcycle because you’re a meek, boring shrinking violet who’s content to follow the crowd. You’re going your own way, on your own terms, and ordinary is somewhere back there in the distance, too far to even see in the rearview mirror.

If the look of your bike has a few too many miles on it, and you think it could use an extra touch of bold, it’s time to go Full Throttle. At Full Throttle Wraps, our custom vinyl wraps for motorcycles will revive your ride — or, if you use your bike for business, build your brand in a way that breaks the mold but won’t break the bank.

When it comes to high-quality materials and workmanship, our name says it all. Based in Newark, DE, Full Throttle Wraps is the vehicle letting company that puts pedal to the metal in every job we do, and we never settle for less than kicking ass!

Here are just a few reasons to choose us to design and apply a one-of-a-kind custom vinyl wrap for your motorcycle:

Artistic Eye — Our talented graphic designers can look deep into your soul and create a look that reflects every aspect of your personality. They’re that good.

Professionalism — Wrapping a motorcycle is a painstaking process, and going DIY with it is bound to lead to disaster. Simply put: If you care about how your bike looks, you need to hire professionals to wrap it.

3M-Preferred Status — The unquestioned leader in the vinyl wraps industry likes us a lot. So much, in fact, that we’re one of the few outlets in the region that’s 3M certified.

Attention to Detail — As mentioned earlier, applying a vinyl wrap for a motorcycle requires much more than a piece of vinyl, a hair dryer and a pair of hands. Sure, you could take your bike to a shop where they slap on a wrap in a couple of minutes. Wouldn’t you rather have us take the time to do it right?

We Actually Give a [bleep] About Our Customers! — We’re not here to simply collect your money. We’re passionate about delivering a final product that you will be excited to ride on and show off.

Benefits Of Vinyl Wraps For Motorcycles and ATV's

Maybe you’re wondering, why is a custom vinyl wrap for a motorcycle a good idea, as opposed to, say, a new paint job? We’re glad you asked. Here are just a few of the benefits of wrapping your bike:

Quick Change — If you tire of the old look, or if a panel gets scratched, you can simply re-wrap.

Long Life — As simple as a wrap is to replace, if you love it, you can count on it to last for many years.

Sleek Look — No one will be able to tell it’s not a high-priced paint job, especially with the premium quality materials we use.

More Options for Less Money — Our motorcycle vinyl wraps can be customized with graphics, logos and lettering at a fraction of what it would cost to have the same embellishments painted on the bike.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg, and if you’ve got more questions about vinyl wraps for motorcycles spinning around in your mind, pick up the phone now and give Full Throttle a call.

Additional Services by Full Throttle Wraps

In addition to unbeatable boat, motorcycle and ATV wraps, Full Throttle Wraps pulls out all the stops for every motorized vehicle on the market! Here are a few of the excellent car wrapping services we currently offer to our clients:


Check out our full range of vehicle wrapping services today!

Whether you need your boat’s exterior customized for private or commercial purposes, or you need to get your company’s name and logo on every car in your fleet, the Full Throttle Wraps professionals can help make your vision a reality! We are a certified 3M-preferred installer in Newark, DE, and we hold ourselves to the high standards of our valued clients. For more information about our mind-blowing graphic designs and lettering for all vehicles on land and sea, contact our professionals today!

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