6 Benefits to Choosing a 3M Preferred Installer

Are you looking for reliable custom car wrap installers? While finding one shouldn’t be a problem, it is essential to review your options and choose trusted partners with a growing reputation. Fortunately, there are various ways to distinguish the pros from the rest, and having a 3M certification is the best reference. A 3M preferred or certified graphics installer won’t disappoint. Here’s why:

3M is An Industry Leader

3M is an international corporation known for various day-to-day use products and a renowned manufacturer of car graphics installation materials. 3M products make up most of the options you will encounter when seeking vehicle wraps, making it the ultimate decider of who qualifies as a certified or preferred installer.

Profound Knowledge

Quality Consistency

3M is a big deal with far-reaching networks of preferred installers and certified companies. Stick with the pros — those are who are 3M certified, that is — and they will guarantee you receive the highest quality products time and again. Interestingly enough, you can order graphic wrapping and installation materials in PA and get them installed by a certified company in another state. As long as you choose professionals certified by 3M, you will get consistent quality regardless of where you get the service. 

3M Warranties Protection

When you choose 3M certified companies, you are guaranteed the replacement and repair of physical defects. There are various warranties to choose from, but they all feature this specification. In addition to getting a certified graphics installer who has demonstrated skill and prowess in their field, you will have peace of mind and a guarantee that all international corporation standards are met.

Passionate and Dedicated Installers

Regular graphics installers don’t have to take tests and prove their ability each year. It takes a dedicated and passionate installer to consider and pursue a 3M certification, which involves completing demonstrations and interviews over and over as long as you remain a preferred installer. Full Throttle Wraps is among the few vehicle wrapping companies in Oxford, PA, certified by 3M.

Premium Hardware and Supplies

Various brands provide car graphics installation materials. However, none has offers as reliable as 3M. Working with a certified company will ensure you get the best installation materials. This is vital to having long-lasting graphics and retaining the new look.

Trusted Graphics Installers in BBB

At Full Throttle Wraps, our priority is to provide high-quality car graphics installation services, and custom car wraps that Philadelphia, PA, residents can rely on. We are 3M certified and have a whole team of preferred installers ready to help. Each member of our team has knowledge and experience in working with various car models and trims. We have installed numerous car graphics over the past several years and focus on meeting each client’s needs. Give us a call to find out more about car graphics installation services and solutions.