Advertising on Wheels: How Fleet Wraps Strengthen Brand Identity

Showing wrapped fleet trucks

Having a fleet of branded vehicles with eye-catching vinyl wraps can help your brand identity with the presence needed to bridge the gap between your digital and physical marketing.

Marketing with a fleet wrap is one of the most cost-effective ways to make sure that your company’s name is known wherever your products or services are provided. Effective branding with vehicle wrap creates memorable experiences not only for your clients but for anyone on the road, generating potential customers with every mile driven.

Shake Off Old Fashioned Adverts

While a car wrap is nothing new to the custom vehicle scene, businesses and brands across the country are looking to the concept as a means to get amazing-looking company vehicles that double as moving billboards.

When you choose to work with us to create vehicle graphics for your fleet wraps, you’re choosing to take your brand awareness to the next level and reach new heights of impressions. So why exactly are companies big and small turning each fleet of vehicles into tools for effective branding with vehicle wrap?

One Payment for Each Advertising Space

Facebook, Google, radio stations, and billboard companies all require monthly payments in order to keep your advertisements up and running. Putting a vinyl wrap on your company vehicles has no hidden costs — just the single payment, and then you control what happens with your new marketing material.

Marketing With Fleet Wrap Provides More Flexibility

Fleet graphics are part of any brand identity when vehicles are required for the operations of your company. Even a simple partial wrap with a logo and contact information on the side or hood of a vehicle can catch the eye and interest of everyone around.

The design and installation of graphic wraps can be customized to fit exactly what you want your brand to be seen as.

Don’t Settle For Cheap Wrap Installation

Effective branding with vehicle wraps isn’t as simple as slapping a decal on the door and calling it a day. Even the most well-designed decal or logo will look unprofessional if it’s not installed properly or is made using low-quality material that begins to show signs of aging sooner than you’d expect.

Full Throttle Wraps is committed to helping you grow your brand and business by marketing with fleet wrap. Our team of 3M preferred installers use the newest techniques to quench their thirst for perfection on each and every project.

Don’t think that vehicle wrap is effective just for big businesses. Some of our most valued customers are:

  • Sole proprietors such as HVAC, electrical, construction, and landscaping contractors.
  • Car clubs looking to showcase their chapter through vinyl wraps.
  • Marinas and boat tour groups looking to stand out on the water.
  • Community and convention centers requiring fast turnarounds on event signage.

Marketing with fleet wrap has never been so lucrative as everyone eagerly gets back outside as the world opens back up. They’re ready to start supporting local businesses again to get their community back on track.

Interested? Here’s a direct link to the areas we service to save you the trouble of searching “3M vinyl wrap installers near me“.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away; let our car vinyl wrap specialists turn your standard fleet into the most effective branding with vehicle wrap installations.