Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Coating

3M Preferred Graphics Installers from Full Throttle Wraps putting ceramic coating on car vinyl wrap

Having a vinyl wrap installed on your vehicle is a badass way to advertise your brand or customize the look of your ride! But is there was a way to protect your vinyl wrap and prevent it from premature aging?

Enter ceramic coating for vehicles.

You’ve probably noticed the recent hype surrounding ceramic coating, but what exactly is it, anyway? Everything you need and want to know about ceramic coating can be found right here!

What is Ceramic Coating for Vehicles?

Ceramic coating, aka nano-coating, is a liquid polymer, which dries to form a long-term protective coating for your vehicle. Its main ingredient is silica dioxide, which typically makes up about 80% of the product. Ceramic coating is popular because it dries on hard and thick for a glass-like, glossy appearance. It basically bonds with the surface of your car’s paint job or vinyl wrap in a semi-permanent way, protecting it from minor damage. For best results, a certified 3M specialist should apply the ceramic coating.

What Do Ceramic Coatings Do for your Vehicle?

To understand what ceramic coatings do, you must first understand what they don’t do. Ceramic coatings are not permanent, and they don’t exactly make your car bulletproof. Think of ceramic coating as a long-lasting replacement for wax that’s a lot harder.

Here’s what a ceramic coating does:

  • Displaces water better than wax
  • Protects against dirt and scratches
  • Increases the lifespan of vinyl wraps

How Do Professional Ceramic Coatings Work With your Vinyl Wraps?

Whether you’re the manager of a large fleet of vehicles or a car club member, adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle is a popular way to protect the vinyl designs on your ride, increasing their already-long lifespan.

Ceramic Coatings Can Help Keep Water From Seeping into Your Wrap’s Adhesive

Rain and humidity are often a concern for individuals or business owners considering a full vehicle wrap in Philadelphia, PA, but relax! Your vinyl car wrap isn’t going to melt. In fact, our professionally applied wraps are still going strong years after installation.

That said, make sure you dry your wrap sooner than later after power washing your car or truck to prevent excess moisture from seeping into the adhesive. Even though it’s not a necessity, some car enthusiasts are just more comfortable having that extra layer of protection that a ceramic coating provides.

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