Full Throttle Wraps Featured on Motorhead Garage!

Full Throttle Wraps had the opportunity to appear on the Motorhead Garage television series and show off one of our custom wraps! On the show, hosts Dave Dobson and John Gardner review various products, technologies, and techniques for repairing and upgrading vehicles — and their viewers had a chance to see one of our high-quality wraps up close and in detail!

The Zombie Apocalypse Wrap

While we’ve designed countless wraps over the years, there are none quite like the special wrap we had on the show. Viewers who tuned into our segment of Motorhead Garage were treated with close-ups of one of our highest-detailed wraps depicting a brutal zombie apocalypse, complete with the undead, ruined buildings, and an explosion to boot. Additionally, the vehicle also showcased another special feature made possible with our wraps — augmented reality.

Full Throttle Wraps is one of the few companies out there that can incorporate this technology in our wraps. By scanning the QR code on the car with a cell phone, a 3D render of a zombie will pop out of the hood! This is but one of the many ways wraps can combine with augmented reality technology, as we can also utilize this technique with commercial vehicles as well.

Choosing Car Wraps Over Paint

During the show, our owner and creative director — Dennis Baker — showed Dobson and the viewers at home why they might consider improving their vehicle with a wrap instead of traditional car paint. Despite how nice paint jobs may look, they’re going to demand thousands of dollars from your bank account. But with wrapping, you can receive the car design of your dreams without having to spend a fortune. 

Additionally, Baker also explained to the audience why wrapping is better for repairs. Any damaged wrap can easily be pulled off and replaced with a freshly printed wrap with the same design — no need to find the same exact blend of paint color when the design is already on file in our database.

Businesses can also benefit from our vinyl vehicle wraps. Not only are wraps a great way to show off company branding, but they can be peeled off afterward if you wish to sell the vehicle. Plus, the wrap can help protect the commercial vehicle from exterior damage as well.

At Full Throttle Wraps, We Go Above and Beyond

In addition to presenting our one-of-a-kind zombie apocalypse wrap, Dennis Baker gave Motorhead Garage and the audience an overview of Full Throttle Wraps and what makes us so special.

“We put our heart and soul into every wrap that we do, we use the best materials that are available on the market, and we have super attention to detail on every project,” said Baker.

From mild to wild designs, full color changes to make your vehicle look like your dream ride, and various other services, you can always count on our certified installers for car wrapping services. Hopefully, with the help of our appearance on Motorhead Garage, car owners across the country will take an interest in our high-detail wraps. If you’d like to speak with our wrap installers for more information on our services, call Full Throttle Wraps today.