How Often Should You Update Your Business Signage?

If you stepped outside right now and took a look at your commercial or office signage, would you be proud of what you see? If it’s been years since you’ve given any thought to the signs hanging on your building, it might be time to replace them.

Weathered and damaged signs work against your business, turning away prospective customers, even when you offer stellar products and services. Make sure you update your signs at the proper time so that they add value to your company.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Business Signs

Upgrading your signage can do wonders for your company. It will boost your brand’s image and inspire confidence in potential clients and customers before they’ve even interacted with your employees or stepped foot on your property. New quality signs will prove to consumers that you are committed to staying relevant and providing dependable products and services.

Don’t lose business simply because your signage is old, broken, or weathered. Instead, design a new outdoor sign with the assistance of a professional sign company. The updated signage will intrigue potential customers and aid in brand recognition. With benefits like these, upgrading your business signage is well worth the investment.

How to Know When to Replace Your Business Signage

There’s no definitive timeline for replacing business signs since the condition of your sign depends on various factors — including the quality of materials used, the placement, and the type of sign used. Even though we cannot say you need to plan to update your signs every five or ten years, there are a few factors to watch out for that indicate your signage needs to be replaced.

Your Sign Is Damaged

Weather damage is one of the most obvious signs that your exterior signage needs to be updated. Has the color faded on your signage due to extended exposure to UV rays? Is the sign cracked or missing letters? A damaged sign is bad for business. It distracts from your message and causes consumers to question the quality of your work.

To boost the appearance of your commercial building, you will want to replace your signs. A professional sign company can help you create a design that aligns with your branding. They’ll also help you choose long-lasting materials so that you will not have to worry about sign damage for some time.

Your Business Has Updated Its Branding

Have you recently rebranded your company? If so, your business sign needs to be updated to reflect these changes. With new signage, you’ll recapture people’s attention and ensure you communicate a consistent message across all your platforms.

There’s Incorrect Information on the Sign

If you’ve changed your company’s social media handle or updated a sale, your outdoor and indoor signs may now be outdated. Customers feel misled, confused, and disappointed when they display incorrect information. They’ll be less likely to attempt to do business with you in the future, even if you have the products or services they’re looking for. To avoid these issues, routinely audit your signs and design updated versions as needed.

You Want a More Eye-Catching Design

Has business seemed to have dropped recently? Your signage could be at fault. Whether the sign is damaged, outdated, or boring, it could fail to snag your company’s attention. Getting a replacement could pique curiosity. Work with a sign maker that understands the appeal of vibrant colors, engaging graphics, and powerful messaging.

You Want to Improve Your Sign’s Visibility

It’s common for businesses operating for several years to realize that their signage is no longer clearly visible. Whether a tree grew in front of the sign or poorly placed in relation to the surrounding buildings, the signage may not be able to do its part in bringing in business simply because people can’t see it.

You could move the sign, but this costs a great deal of money. It may be better to update the sign to one with better lighting, visual appeal, and appropriate sizing.

Ready to Upgrade Your Signage?

If you feel your business’s signs could use a little help, turn to Full Throttle Wraps. Our design specialists are ready to help you create signage and storefront graphics that boost your business. While updating your signs, we can also help you with motorcycle vinyl wrap and car wrap installation services to allow you to promote your business wherever you go. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our signage and vehicle wrap solutions.