How to Wash a Car With a Vehicle Wrap

cleaning a car

A vinyl vehicle wrap is a great way to upgrade your car’s color and appearance. However, wraps need to be taken care of in different ways when compared to traditional paint jobs. Depending on how regularly your vehicle is exposed to dirt, you’ll want to wash it at least once a week — especially if it has bird droppings or tree sap, which are harder to get rid of the longer you wait. Here are four helpful car wrap care tips to help you clean a vehicle’s vinyl without damaging it.

Can You Wash a Wrapped Car With an Automatic Car Wash?

Driving your vehicle through an automatic car wash may seem like a quick and effortless way to take care of car wrap care, but it can wind up causing more harm than good. The high-pressure water blasts, powerful brushes, and harsh chemicals of the car wash soap will all combine to scratch your vinyl wrap and pull its corners off your vehicle. With that in mind, the best and safest method of car wrap care is the old-fashioned way — washing the vinyl by hand using a cloth and sudsy water.

Gather the Right Cleaning Materials

Although hand washing your vehicle is the preferred method of car wrap care, there are still some details you must keep in mind to prevent any accidental damage. First, the spray nozzle you use when rinsing must be set to a gentle setting — otherwise, the intensity of the water may harm the vinyl. Next, you will want to use a clean microfiber cloth, rag, or sponge to clean the vinyl.

Another vital car wrap care choice is the cleaner you select. Never use oil-based cleaners, isopropyl alcohol, or abrasive chemicals that can damage the vinyl wrap. Instead, it’s best to use milder solutions designed for use on automobiles. Also, keep an eye on the temperature of the water. Any water that is too cold or hot can damage the vinyl, so choose a temperature somewhere in between.

Find a Good Cleaning Location

Even the place you choose to clean your car is important to consider. Find and drive your wrapped vehicle in a shaded area that doesn’t get any sunlight. But can you wash a wrapped car in the sun? Yes — but if you do wash your car under the sun, the soap will dry out faster, and ugly water spots will appear on the vehicle.

Tips for Vinyl Wrap Car Washing

Start washing your wrapped car by spraying it with water so that as much dirt can be removed as possible—afterward, transition to scrubbing it yourself using a circular motion. By doing so, you won’t apply too much pressure and won’t damage the vinyl in the process. Also, be sure to begin washing at the top of the vehicle and then make your way downward — when you don’t, dirt can flow down onto the parts of your car that have already been cleaned. Once you’re finished, rinse off the car one more time with your bucket of clean water before moving on to the next section.

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