Is Wrapping a Boat Worth It?

Are you looking to advertise your business in a new, creative way? Brand recognition is important to obtain because it awards growth within your business and better opportunities in the future. For all boat owners, there’s a great solution: boat wrapping. Boat wrapping is a more sustainable way of advertising your business than the traditional paint option, which has its limitations. There are some other perks, too, for those who may not have a business but are just considering alternatives to a paint job.  Below, we will compare the two options. 

Customization Made Easy

Essentially, with boat wrapping, it is quite easy to customize the design entirely to your brand. Whether it incorporates your logo, an image that helps identify the brand, or simply the business name, the choice is yours. Unlike painting your boat, where the limits are set by that of the artist, the options are far greater with a boat vinyl wrap. In fact, here in Hartford County, MD, the options are nearly limitless when working with us at Full Throttle Wraps.  

Minimal Maintenance 

Vinyl wraps require little maintenance, unlike paint which must be polished, buffed, and skillfully maintained to keep the work looking fresh. For vinyl wraps, all that is required is the use of some soap and water, and before you know it, it is looking brand new again! 

Great Value

Besides the fact that a boat wrap offers a unique way to represent your brand, the value that lies within is unmatched by a paint job.  

For those who are environmentally conscious, it is important to note that wraps are a safer option for marine life. This is because, typically, no solvents or chemicals are used during the application process.  

When you consider the cost in retrospect to that of a paint job, boat wrapping is a great way to get the word out about your business. Additionally, boat vinyl wraps provide protection to the underlying paint job, which is yet another benefit you can take advantage of. Here in Hartford County, MD, our team creates the perfect vinyl wraps for your boat while making installation easy! Contact us today for more information.