Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Vinyl Boat Wrap

As your local “wrap guys,” the team at Full Throttle Wraps does more than just install car wraps in Newark, DE, and other nearby areas. We offer a full suite of wrap design and installation services! One service we perform that many people don’t know about is boat wrapping. There are many reasons to have boats wrapped, from advertising your business to just making your boat look amazing. If you’ve had your boat vinyl wrapped recently or plan to do so in the future, here are some cleaning and maintenance tips to keep in mind so that your wrap looks spiffy all summer long!

Keep It Clean

Dirt and grime are the chief enemies of boat wraps everywhere. At least once every two weeks (once a week is preferable), wash down your boat with clean water and mild soap. Dish soap works well for this task, although there are many mild household cleaners that will do the trick, too. Using a sponge, apply the soapy solution. Once the boat is clean to your satisfaction, rinse off the soap, then squeegee off the remaining water before drying everything with a soft microfiber cloth. 

Put Down the Pressure Washer

Whether you’ve installed a boat or car wrap in NJ with our team, one thing remains the same: you should never use a pressure washer to clean a vinyl-wrapped surface. We know it’s tempting to blast away gunk using the power of water, but pressure washing your vinyl wrap can cause damage. Stick to hand washing instead, even if it takes a little longer.

Use Polish After Washing

Once you’ve finished washing your boat and it’s completely dry, use a high-quality polish with UV protection to protect it from damage caused by sun, sand, and surf. Make sure you don’t apply the polish with anything abrasive such as a stiff brush or applicator, as this can cause tiny tears in your wrap — and nobody wants that!

You may see other people waxing their boats, but if you have a vinyl wrap, avoid wax if possible. While some waxes may be harmless, others contain tiny particles or even chemicals that can damage boat and vehicle wraps over time. 

Practice Smart Boat Storage

One part of wrap care many people forget about is storing their boat out of the sun. Both car wraps and boat wraps can fade over time if they’re left to toast right underneath the hot sun rays. Rather than leaving your boat out in the open, store it in a carport, under a canopy tent, or beneath a cover.

Use Your Cover Carefully

Speaking of boat covers, your boat cover can be your best friend if you use it properly, but can cause damage if you aren’t careful. Before you fasten the cover tightly over your boat, cushion the edges of your boat with old towels, rags, or other barriers so that the metal or plastic clamps of the cover don’t scrape against your vinyl wrap. 

Wrap Your Boat Today With Full Throttle!

Get your boat wrapped today and see the difference a great wrap can make! We’ll also be happy to answer any and all questions about boat or other vehicle wraps. Reach out to Full Throttle Wraps today — we’re looking forward to helping you love your boat even more this summer.