Full Throttle Wraps Featured on Motorhead Garage!

Full Throttle Wraps had the opportunity to appear on the Motorhead Garage television series and show off one of our custom wraps! On the show, hosts Dave Dobson and John Gardner review various products, technologies, and techniques for repairing and upgrading vehicles — and their viewers had a chance to see one of our high-quality […]

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Vinyl Boat Wrap

As your local “wrap guys,” the team at Full Throttle Wraps does more than just install car wraps in Newark, DE, and other nearby areas. We offer a full suite of wrap design and installation services! One service we perform that many people don’t know about is boat wrapping. There are many reasons to have boats wrapped, […]

Types of Companies That Should Invest in Vehicle Wrapping

Car wraps are a fantastic method of advertising your business. They literally take your branding on the road because they function as a mobile billboard, catching potential customers’ attention as they’re driving by or in traffic next to you. Research shows that vinyl wraps have a huge return on investment. Car and truck wraps are cost-effective, too, […]

Can Road Salt and Deicers Damage a Vehicle Wrap?

If you’ve recently had a car wrap installed or are thinking about visiting our body shop for vehicle wraps in NJ, you might have some questions about how people should care for their cars after vinyl wraps have been applied. In particular, you may be wondering: how do the deicer and rock salt products used […]

The Benefits of Wrapping a Motorcycle

If you’re looking for an easy way to maintain your ride’s appearance, check out vinyl wraps for your motorcycle! In a nutshell, wrapping applies a high-quality adhesive material around a motorcycle to preserve its physical appearance. There are numerous reasons why using a 3M bike wrap for your motorcycle can enhance its look, so check […]

Advertising on Wheels: How Fleet Wraps Strengthen Brand Identity

Showing wrapped fleet trucks

Having a fleet of branded vehicles with eye-catching vinyl wraps can help your brand identity with the presence needed to bridge the gap between your digital and physical marketing. Marketing with a fleet wrap is one of the most cost-effective ways to make sure that your company’s name is known wherever your products or services […]

Riding in Style: 5 Features of a Great Car Wrap

Small girl in front of food truck with colorful vehicle wrap

Out of the millions of cars that drive on American roads every day, an eye-catching vehicle can grab any driver’s attention. When businesses use custom vehicle wraps on commercial fleets, people get exposed to the company’s branding. In order to be recognized over their competition, business owners must ask themselves:

Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Coating

3M Preferred Graphics Installers from Full Throttle Wraps putting ceramic coating on car vinyl wrap

Having a vinyl wrap installed on your vehicle is a badass way to advertise your brand or customize the look of your ride! But is there was a way to protect your vinyl wrap and prevent it from premature aging? Enter ceramic coating for vehicles. You’ve probably noticed the recent hype surrounding ceramic coating, but […]

The 7 Dos and Don’ts of Effectively Promoting Your Brand

Helping local Philadelphia businesses and national organizations promote their brands is a big part of what we do at Full Throttle Wraps & Graphics. Although our expertise lies in vinyl wraps and custom designs, we’ve learned a thing or two about effective brand promotion over the years — we had to in order to provide […]

What Are the Benefits of Boat Wrapping?

Your boat is a beauty. She’s fast, she’s reliable, and she lets you take a break from the crazy life on land. This alone should be enough reason to wrap her in a brand new style. Not quite convinced? Here are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to wrap your boat.